Nuon Protocol Guarded Mainnet Launch - Release Note & FAQs

The February 2, 2023 Nuon Protocol Guarded Mainnet Release is the first public release of the Nuon Protocol Mainnet.

Nuon Protocol Guarded Mainnet Launch - Release Note & FAQs

Release Note # Nuon.Release.26012023

The February 2, 2023 Nuon Protocol Guarded Mainnet Release is the first public release of the Nuon Protocol Mainnet.

On February 2, 2023, the Nuon Protocol will launch on the Arbitrum network in a guarded format for approximately 1 month, until the protocol operates as intended. This release note describes the features and functionality of the Nuon Protocol at launch.

The Mainnet release includes the following features:

  1. The Nuon protocol will launch on the Arbitrum network.
  2. The Nuon protocol will support USDC as collateral.
  3. NUON will have a value of exactly US$1 on the date of January 25, 2023
  4. Initially, a maximum of US$150k of collateral will be added to the Collateral Hub.
  5. The guarded launch is planned to last approximately 1 month, until the protocol operates as intended; all information on the guarded launch will be communicated via Nuon’s Telegram and Twitter channels.
  6. Access to the Nuon WebApp will be first limited to a preselected set of users for thorough testing; when the protocol is functioning as expected, it will be opened to all users to add collateral and mint NUON in a controlled process (open and close windows for full WebApp access which will be announced on Nuon’s Telegram and Twitter channels).
  7. Liquidity farm will be on Sushiswap (NUON|USDC) with APY in Sushi.
  8. Retail users will be able to buy Nuon directly at launch.
  9. Disclaimer: due to the limited minting of the supply of Nuon during the trial period, it is expected that the Nuon flatcoin will have reduced stability at launch (may trade above the peg) until scale is reached.

Why a Guarded Launch?

DeFi's defining characteristics can make open launches of new protocols risky. First, users may see financial repercussions even on the first day of live operation. Second, unless you impose risk management, decentralized smart contracts can draw funds (and hence put capital at risk) whether or not you have formally "launched."

Trust and safety are our number one concern so to address this, we propose a safe launch strategy through a "Guarded Launch” during which the Nuon Protocol is introduced on the Mainnet with self-imposed limits to minimize risk. Our aim is to protect users with limits.

As long as the protocol is operating as intended with the soft caps, we intend to raise them after approximately 1 month in a controlled manner, including adding additional asset types to be accepted in the collateral hub, increasing asset limits, removing user and loan-to-value (LTV) soft caps limits.

FAQs for Nuon Guarded Launch

General FAQs for the Nuon Protocol can be found here :

1)   Why can't I use the WebApp to deposit collateral or mint Nuon now that launch has been announced?

The  guarded launch means that the WebApp will be alternating between Open and Closed states so as to better manage and control the launch and protest user’s funds. During the “closed” times, if you try to use the WebApp, you will get a warning banner on the WebApp indicating that this time is “closed” and not available for use. This is normal. Opening times will be announced on Nuon’s Twitter and Telegram groups with a 24 hour lead time.

2)   Will I be able to mint Nuon using the Nuon protocol during the guarded launch?

Yes, during the guarded launch, there will be an opportunity for all users to deposit collateral, mint Nuon and enjoy the rewards. The Nuon Protocol WebApp will be managed carefully to protect users during this time, through opening and closing timeframes. Opening times for users to use the WebApp will be announced on Nuon’s Twitter and Telegram groups with a 24 hour lead time.

3)   What crypto can I use as collateral to mint Nuon?

During the guarded lunch, the Nuon protocol will only accept USDC. As long as the protocol is operating as intended, we will add more asset types to be accepted as collateral in the collateral hub, such as USDT, BTC, ETH, LINK…

4)   How do I get USDC on Arbitrum?

To get USDC on Arbitrum, the user will need to go through the Uniswap protocol.

5)   Which wallet does Nuon support?

During the guarded launch of the Nuon Protocol, the only supported wallet is Metamask.

6)   How do I access the Nuon Protocol WebApp?

The Nuon protocol WebApp can be accessed from the website or directly to the WebApp at

7)   What is the governance token for the Nuon Protocol?

At the launch of the Nuon Protocol and until further notice, the governance token is the TFI token. Further information for the TFI token can be found here: . The TFI Governance token will enable holders to become active in protocol governance to help shape the future of the Nuon Protocol through active participation and voting.

8)   For the liquidity farming on Sushiswap, what are the steps?

There are 3 steps for this action:

       A. buy NUON from an exchange or mint NUON from the Nuon Protocol

       B. provide liquidity for NUON/USDC on Sushiswap. Once you have contributed assets to the liquidity pool, Sushiswap will generate and issue you Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens. In this case, they will be called NUON/USDC SLP tokens (SLP for Sushiswap Liquidity Provider tokens)

       C. stake your NUON/USDC SLP tokens in the Sushiswap farm

9)   How do I earn rewards using the Nuon Protocol?

During the guarded launch, not all of Nuon Protocol’s features will be activated as the system goes through thorough testing. Once all features are activated, here are the various ways that you can earn rewards using the Nuon Protocol:

10)   How can I reach out to the Nuon team if I am having trouble or questions when using the Nuon protocol WebApp?

The best way to reach to team will be through the Nuon Telegram group:

What is the Nuon Protocol?

Inflation-protected flatcoin protocol. Better Money!

What is the problem that Nuon is solving?

Nuon’s ambition is to move the needle towards the next evolution of stable coins and solve the problem of inflation. Every day, your money is losing value. Inflation is structural, the new normal. It is not transitory. People and businesses are recognizing the real impact of this hidden cost.

Nuon gives back economic sovereignty to the people and protects their purchasing power.

Refer to these videos to learn more about Nuon:

- The World is Ready for Nuon:

- Introducing Nuon:

- Better Money for a Better World:

- How Nuon holds the Peg

- How Collateral Providers profit from Nuon:

Nuon’s Features

Nuon is the only true hedge against inflation: it is the world’s first independent flatcoin (inflation-proof coin), an exogenous, decentralized, crypto-overcollateralized, censorship-resistant and non-custodial flatcoin, pegged to the cost of living in the form of a real-time, independent, on-chain, transparent, census-level and unbiased inflation index.

Nuon is the only coin unaffected by inflation and any centralized monetary policy. Nuon protects people's purchasing power, no matter what.

Nuon features include:

  1. Exogenous overcollateralized
  2. Decentralized, non-custodial, censorship-resistant & permissionless
  3. Pegged to a daily, unbiased, independent, on-chain & census-level inflation index from Truflation
  4. Dual-independence from government monetary systems (through protocol design and peg)
  5. Quadruple Redundancy Peg Stability Mechanism
  6. Governed by the people
  7. Automated Security Liquidity Pool
  8. Nuon Liquid Position (NLP) Dynamic NFTs
  9. 0% borrowing
  10. Real-time transparency through Proof-Of-Reserve with Chainlink
  11. Feeds and functions from Chainlink
  12. Nuon is part of the Chainlink BUILD ecosystem
  13. Smart contracts audited by CoinFabrik

Join Us!

We invite the community to join us in taking back your economic sovereignty by building a more sustainable and decentralized future. For more information on the Nuon Protocol and how to get involved, please refer to our website at, and whitepaper at .

Join Nuon on our Twitter @NuonFinance and if any questions, we are available on our Telegram channel

About Nuon

Nuon is the world’s first flatcoin. The next-generation stable coin, Nuon is an inflation-resistant coin pegged to the cost of living that protects your purchasing power from the loss of value caused by inflation. Nuon gives back economic sovereignty and powers the inflation-proof economy for the people through a decentralized governance philosophy that is censorship-resistant and powered by the people. Welcome to Better Money.