Join the Nuon Testnet Campaign: earn OATs & NFTs, help create better money

The Nuon Protocol is launching a multi-step promotional testnet campaign with The Wagies. Join the movement for Better Money and be part of the game-changing launch of the Nuon Flatcoin — the first inflation-proof stablecoin.

Join the Nuon Testnet Campaign: earn OATs & NFTs, help create better money

At long last, the time to join the movement has arrived with the launch of the Nuon testnet. It’s time to put your degen hats on to try out the Nuon Protocol, to give all of the features a good workout and earn OATs and even Wagies NFTs. Are you ready, DeFi Degens?

To promote participation in the testnet launch, the Nuon Protocol is launching a multi-step promotional campaign with The Wagies. People everywhere can join the movement for Better Money and be part of the game-changing launch of the Nuon Flatcoin — the first inflation-proof stablecoin.

But what is a Wagie, you may ask? Wagies is an innovative NFT Game / Art collection that celebrates the loveable Wagie in all of us and casts a new perspective on the crypto bear market with a tongue-in-cheek style that’s sure to grow on you. The Wagies’ gallows humor is a great way to poke fun at how we all get rekt together!

The Nuon Testnet Campaign

The promotional campaign will be a series of events and promotions run through the Web3 credential platform. The first event in the campaign will kick off on October 18 and run for four weeks until November 18, 2022. Users who join our testnet and follow the campaign criteria will be eligible for a Galxe Online Achievement Token (OAT) NFT. In addition, at the end of each campaign, there will be a lucky draw for more opportunities to win Wagies NFTs, including special edition ones. Further Galxe campaigns will be announced later for even more opportunities to earn more OATs and Wagie NFTs!


There are a number of exciting rewards up for grabs! Some you can earn, and some can be won:

  • After completing each Nuon event on Galxe, participants are eligible to earn one Nuon-Wagies OAT.
  • At the end of each event, all Nuon-Wagie OAT recipients are put in a raffle to win one Wagie NFT.
  • At the end of the overall Nuon Testnet Campaign, participants who have won three or more Nuon-Wagies OATs will be placed in a second raffle for a chance to win more Wagies NFTs.
  • In addition, those participants who have collected four or more Nuon-Wagies OATs will be put into a raffle to win Special Edition Wagies NFTs.

What is the Nuon-Wagies OAT?

It’s not a breakfast cereal!  A Galxe OAT is a digital badge standard on Polygon to record your on-chain experiences, in this case, on the Nuon Testnet.

The Nuon-Wagie OATs are designed by the team behind the Wagies NFT collection. Check out the first OAT for the Early Bird Testnet campaign below.

How to Get Started With Galxe

If you’re new to the Galxe platform, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Just watch this video or follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Connect Your Wallet

  1. Visit and click on “Connect Wallet” in the top right of the screen to connect your Metamask wallet.
  2. Select your preferred network — most likely Ethereum.

Set Up Your Galxe Profile

  1. Click “Galxy ID → Profile” in the menu bar, then click “Edit” on the right hand side of the screen. You’ll be asked to sign your wallet — don’t worry, this doesn’t cost you anything.
  2. On the profile page, choose a unique username and verify your email address.

Connect Your Twitter Account

  1. Click “Social Link” in the sidebar on the left side of your profile page.
  2. Click on the “Tweet” button (make sure the tweet is public).
  3. Next, view the tweet you just made on your Twitter profile and select “Share” and then  “Copy Link to Tweet”.
  4. Paste the link on the Galxe social link page to verify your Twitter profile with Galxe.

How to Complete the Nuon Testnet Campaign

To collect your free OAT, you'll have to perform a series of (very easy) actions. This video explains the process, or follow the steps below:

  1. Go to this page to start the Nuon Testnet Campaign.
  2. Scroll down and start fulfilling the credentials needed to earn your OAT:
  3. Follow The Wagies on Twitter, and then click “Verify”.
  4. Go to the Nuon Protocol and mint Nuon, then come back to this page and click “Verify” (read below for an explanation of how to use the testnet).
  5. Click the button to retweet Nuon’s promotional tweet here on Twitter, then click ‘Verify’.
  6. Follow Nuon on Twitter, then click ‘Verify’.
  7. You’re done — claim your OAT!

How to Mint on the Nuon Testnet

Go to to access the Nuon Testnet. There is a detailed walkthrough for each page that will teach you how to access all of the features of the Nuon Protocol — and you are absolutely encouraged to test out all of the features — but for now all you need to know how to do is access the testnet faucet and mint Nuon.

Check out this video or the following walkthrough steps to use the testnet:

Access the Testnet Faucet

  1. Click on the green “Connect Wallet” button. You’ll probably receive a popup allowing you to switch to the Goerli Ethereum network — do this now.
  2. Right above “Connect Wallet”, you’ll see three links for ETH, WETH and USDT. These are testnet faucets, and you can click on them to receive testnet assets straight to your wallet.
  3. Download ETH from the faucet first — you'll have to log in to Twitter to complete the transaction.
  4. Next, download WETH and USDT from the faucet. The gas fees are covered by the ETH you just downloaded. WETH and USDT can be used as collateral to mint Nuon.

Mint Nuon

  1. Click on Mint in the sidebar.
  2. Select an amount of WETH or USDT to deposit as collateral.
  3. Choose your preferred collateral ratio — 200%, 300% or 400%. You can also click “Advanced” to set a custom ratio. This number represents the ratio between the target price of Nuon and the market value of your collateral.
  4. Click “Mint”. (If you receive an error message, make sure you have enough ETH in your wallet to pay gas fees and try again.)

Remember, the testnet does not use your real cryptocurrency assets — it only uses crypto that comes from the testnet faucet. So by all means, test out the Nuon Protocol to your heart’s content!

And lastly, don’t forget to stay tuned for more exciting opportunities in the Nuon Testnet campaign! There will be more promotional events after this one concludes next month. Good luck!

Learn more about Nuon and Wagies at the official links below: